I like science, machine learning, technology, and start-ups.

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Physics Research

Image taken from: https://unsplash.com/photos/1kpsbEUAXwo

In the early days of physics, mathematical models were painstakingly written out and solved by hand (I think of Einstein standing in front of a chalkboard of equations). These days, artificial intelligence and machine learning gives researchers the ability to model and compute complex physics problems with far greater speed…

Power Causes Brain Damage

The article Power Causes Brain Damage from the Atlantic has always stuck with me. Everyone should read this well-researched and thoughtful piece. It gives excellent insight into the extreme behavior we see lately in politicians and CEOs of large companies.

I will summarize:

Mirroring is the unconscious behavior in which…

Center of the world’s great challenges.


This from an interview.

Data science, in particular, is rapidly developing as an essential interdisciplinary field in Houston and around the world. The Rice University Ken Kennedy Institute is hosting its annual Ken Kennedy AI and Data Science Conference October 25–27 to help foster growth and collaboration within the field…

Angela Wilkins

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